Claudia Thomas

Volunteering/ Events

I Can Be (2019) - Volunteer

This summer I volunteered for the organisation I Can Be.

I Can Be is an organisation that helps widen the career prospects of children living in under priviledged areas, particularly girls.

I was thrilled to have the girls in the office and be able to teach them about designing games and show them what my job is like day to day. They even got designing their own game characters!

Ukie Student Games Jam (2019) - Mentoring

I mentored a team of students for the 2019 Ukie Student Games Jam.

It was satisfying to see the students build a game from start to finish, and for me to help point them in the right directions.

Norwich Games Festival (2017) - Exhibitor

Norwich Games Festival is a week long event for developers to show off their games to the public.

Myself and my friend exhibited our game Hurry Hurry Heal Me and had great fun seeing families test it out.

Develop Games Conference (2017) - Volunteering

Volunteering at Develop was my first real insight into the games industry. I enjoyed seeing the vast array of topics and speakers at the event.

Myself and my friend even managed to exhibit our game, Hurry Hurry Heal Me, on the Unity stand having met the team earlier in week. It was a truly proud moment to be able to exhibit our game at a professional gaming event.

Talks and Workshops - Speaker

When I was younger I would never dream of doing public speaking, but as I've got older I've realised the benefit of doing things out of your comfort zone.

During my time at Mangahigh, I've done many talks and workshops infront of the whole company, teaching them more about games design and gamifcation. I've also been a speaker at my old University, helping those in a similar position to me a few years back. And I've since grown to thrive on sharing my knowledge with others.

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